Disaster response organisation, Gift of the Givers has launched an app to help collect donations from private donors during instances such as the recent spate of storms and fires that hit the Western Cape.

The Gift of the Givers app was developed jointly by SAP Africa, Assegai & Javelin, a strategic brand and marketing agency, and app development specialists Appy.

“With society having become so heavily invested in the technological age, our aim as a charitable body was to move into this space, providing donor organisations as well as the general public ease of access to our activities, enabling them to become involved and so make a telling difference in the lives of the needy. Immediacy of action is key today and the solution lay in the development of a unique app,” said Dr Imtiaz Sooliman, Founder and Chairman of Gift of the Givers.

The app ensures that the lowest point of entry makes first interaction easy at the lowest cost possible, while just three ‘taps’ gets users started. A set of feedback loops demonstrates ‘live’ evidence of the Gift of the Givers’ delivery and impact on people.

“We have been humbled by the intensity of support, both financial and in-kind, we have received for our extensive activities over the years, but the needs of those in peril grow ever stronger. By being a part of the Greater Good initiative anyone can help our organisation make a difference every day. We are committed to uplifting the most vulnerable and by using our Gift of the Givers app, you can join us,” said Dr Sooliman.

Download the Gift of the Givers app from Google Play or iTunes.