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Soldier: 76’s rifle from Overwatch turned into a heavy 3D print

It’s a good week to be an Overwatch fan with an interest in 3D printing, as we have a second entry to go along with the Bastion plant pot.

This print by maker Andrew Napoles is a full size replica of Soldier: 76’s Heavy Pulse Rifle. Measuring in at 110 X 15 X 40 centimetres this used a whopping four and a half kilograms of filament and took more than 200 hours to print.

Most of the external details are held on with magnetic discs and a PVC pipe was used for the barrel assembly. Napoles has told us that the final prop that you can see in the gallery below, complete with LEDs, is very sturdy thanks to his clever design work.

If this is the kind of Overwatch prop you need in your life, you can find the files to print your own over on MyMiniFactory. Make sure you follow the instructions in the description too.


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