Skyrim and Bethesda may be touchy subjects right now, but that hasn’t stopped the maker community from continuing to create projects based on the game.

Today’s project is a replica of the Glass Helmet. A fan favourite that many players use just because it looks so cool, this version was made out of foam and painted with acrylic and spray paint.

This was made by Instructables user , after seeing this post of a full cosplay of the Glass Armour set. As that post did not contain a full guide to creating the helmet, they decided to make their own.

Completed in just 24 hours using materials already on hand, we’re sure you’ll agree that this is an impressive build.

You can replicate this project by following the step-by-step guide on Instructables.

While there, we suggest you check out other Skyrim builds from the same user, in the Wabbajack and Helm of Yngol.

If scratch building isn’t your speed, there’s a lot of 3D printing options out there for you. The famous Iron Helmet and a bunch of weapons are all out there, free to download.

[h/t – Adafruit Blog]