UK firm FUZE has announced plans to launch a version of its FUZE Code Studio for the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

For those that don’t know, FUZE has a programming language called FUZE BASIC that is designed to teach those that have never seen code before to create appsĀ or make robots. It’s billed as a bridge between Scratch and Python.

Users of Code Studio for Nintendo Switch will have access to pre-built graphics and audio and will also be able to download additional content packs when they become available. Naturally, you will also be able to create your own content.

To help with the creation of games for the console users will also have access to the Joycon sensors as well as the controls on the controller.

The firm says that users will be able to access the Switch’s Joycon sensors and controls from within Code Studio to create games on the Switch. The console can then be docked and users can throw their creations up onto their TV for their family and friends to enjoy.

Given that users will be programming on the console itself one would assume that you would have to fiddle with the Joycon controllers to input your code. While this is possible, so is typing up code on a smartphone. You can do it, but its far from ideal.

Thankfully then FUZE has said Code Studio For Nintendo Switch will support a regular USB keyboard or the firm’s touch keyboard.

This is a really cool application and I foresee myself having to wrestle Nick for the Nintendo Switch when FUZE Code Studio launches in Q2 2018 on the Switch eShop.


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