We have another simple Arduino project from Circuito.io today in the form of everyone’s favourite Nokia game: Snake.

What we have here is an Uno hooked up to a small battery, a speaker, a joystick and, for that added authenticity, a Nokia 5110 screen.

The entire build is housed inside of the box that the Arduino comes in.

Like the other Circuito.io builds we’ve featured in the past, this is meant to be a showcase for the this services which generates Arduino code for your project after you’ve specified what hardware you want to use in your project.

This was specifically made to show off of the fact that they now support the Nokia screen.

You can find everything you need to replicate this project over on Hackster.io.

Now there are a hundred different ways to play Snake that are basically free. You’ll be able to find a few Flash or HTML versions to play in your browser with a quick Google, and the Apple and Android stores are filled with clones. Hell, you could even bust out an old handset you probably have lying in a drawer and play that. There’s just something appealing about a single purpose project like this.