When the Necromancer class for Diablo III was announced at BlizzCon last year, fans of the game were sent into a tizzy reminiscing about the heady days when the class was available in Diablo II.

Sadly, those of us that still take hold of Nephalem and lay waste to the armies of hell Blizzard has been rather secretive about the class addition to Diablo III, until yesterday.

Heading over to the official Diablo III site on Battle.Net (yes Blizzard is still using that URL) reveals a release date of 27th June which is next week Tuesday.

The new class will cost you €14.99 (R218,24) and for your money you will get the Necromancer class as well a pet, cosmetic wings, a new banner shape, sigil and accent, the Necromancer portrait frame, a pennant, two more character slots and two stash tabs (not available on console). Note all of the items are digital, so don’t expect a framed portrait of the Necromancer in the post.

Since it was announced the Necromancer has been beta tested at length to insure it’s somewhat balanced. Whether that has been accomplished remains to be seen as in the beta the class seemed incredibly over powered, even at level one.

One last thing, players will need to own Diablo III: Reaper of Souls on PC and Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition on PS4 and Xbox One to be able to purchase the Rise of the Necromancer.