We haven’t seen many 3D prints from The Witcher series, not even around the time of the release of the third game, so it’s good to see fans are still creating projects based on it.

This print is a recreation of one of the silver swords as seen in The Witcher 3. While its designer – Thingiverse user Lotis – makes no mention of exactly which in-game sword it’s based off of, we can assume it’s the Deithwen based off of the staggered cross-guard.

Lotis went off of the dimensions mentioned in one of The Witcher books for his design, with this print measuring in with a 12″ hilt and a 27.75″ blade (30.48 and 70.48 centimetres respectively).

If you want your own silver sword for slaying monsters, or to hang on your wall, you can find the files free to download off of Thingiverse.

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