We’ve seen a lot of 3D prints from The Legend of Zelda series recently, so it’s nice to see a more traditionally made prop in the form of this immaculate Majora’s Mask.

Created by PropsMatic this display piece was sculpted out of clay with some detailing done in other materials. The perfectly round eyes, for example, are silicon cast from plastic balls.

When the original sculpt was done it was turned into a silicon mould with the final prop being cast from that out of resin.

Finally, it was time to paint. This project was done with an airbrush, but it is stated that some acrylics and brushes would work too.

If you want to see more pictures of this mask in process, check the Instructables page. If you have the talent and the materials, you could even try to replicate it yourself.

Alternatively, PropsMatic operates an Etsy store where you can buy a finished piece. An unpainted version will set you back $90 (~R1 162) with a finished version similar to the images above costing $164 (~R2 117).

Keep your eye on their Facebook page in the future for more props. They’re already started showing off some finished work based on Crash Bandicoot, and we should see the guides appearing later.