It’s a double bill of Skyrim 3D prints today with full scale recreations of both the Daedric greatsword and shield.

The sword is 45 inches (1.14 metres) long and it’s sliced up into eight smaller pieces for easier printing. The files to make your own are available on MyMiniFactory.

Printing the shield took 46 hours and used around 340 metres of filament. The resulting print has a handle that’s on the smaller side, so make note of that if you decide to make your own. The files for this can also be found on MyMiniFactory.

Both of these weapons were uploaded by a single user who also created files for a mace and battleaxe.

Unfortunately we only have the blurry photos below to see how the finished weapons look. Despite this, we still think it looks good and it compares favourably to the growing list of 3D prints from Skyrim. It looks especially nice next to the Daedric bust which was created by one of the game’s artists and released to the public for free.

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