Following the smashing success of Rakka (which currently has 2.5 million views) Neill Blomkamp’s Oats Studio’s has released Firebase.

The 26 minute short film follows an American solider named Hines during the Vietnam war.

As with Rakka, Firebase is very much a work of science fiction and takes place in an alternate timeline on Earth. We’ve embedded the film for you to watch below but be advised it is incredibly gory.

As with Rakka you can purchase the assets for Firebase including the HQ 5.1 video file, concept art and 3D assets. Among the 3D assets is the film’s main antagonist The River God played by Carlo Yu.

These assets can be purchased through Steam for R55 and your purchase helps support Oats Studio which feels the films are too short to charge for.

While we enjoyed Rakka and Firebase the question that looms over us, and surely you, is whether Blomkamp is going to ever make a follow up to District 9. The film was great and we’d hate to tarnish its reputation as one of the finest sci-fi films to come out of SA, but we’d really like to know if Thomas managed to get home and call in reinforcements.

At least Blomkamp is still making films – and good ones at that – so we live in hope.