In the past, if you wanted to get face to face with a Facehugger from the Alien / Aliens franchise, you needed to travel into space and make a lot of stupid mistakes. Now you can just 3D print one.

This version of the Xenomorph’s first stage comes with both the egg and the Facehugger itself. It looks extra realistic thanks to a layer of latex which was added to the surface in between coats of paint. It gives it that nice slick look which would make H.R. Giger proud.

You can find the files to make your own over on Thingiverse.

While this print makes a great display piece for most shelves and mantles, the award for best 3D printed Facehugger must go to this version we featured in January. Not only was it printed to scale – big enough to actually cover your face like it does in the movies – but it had articulated limbs so it could grab onto you too. Have fun.

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