All new HP OMEN gear arrives locally in August/September – here’s how much it will cost you

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The HP OMEN range of products is aimed squarely at gamers and with the latest line-up of notebooks and the new OMEN desktop, you would be forgiven for prefixing “gamers” with “enthusiast”.

We’ll get to the notebooks and desktop in a moment but before we do we need to chat about the OMEN Accelerator.

Unlike external graphics card enclosures we’ve seen in the past the OMEN sports a single PCIe slot for a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or 1070 or if you favour AMD, you can put up to a Radeon RX 580 inside.

The Accelerator also boasts a 500W power supply, gigabit ethernet and a 2.5inch SSD bay. All of this can be connected to an ultrabook via Thunderbolt 3 to turn it into a fully fledged gaming rig. The sad news is you’ll have to wait until August to get your hands on one and while local prices have yet to be announced, PC World reports it will be available in the US for $299 (direct conversion equates to R3 865.89).

OMEN Accelerator

The new OMEN Desktop lands in September

If you aren’t keen on upgrading your ultrabook HP is bring the OMEN Desktop to SA in September. The new desktop features dual GPUs (two GTX 1080 Ti’s in SLI or two Radeon RX 580’s in Crossfire) and either an unlocked Intel Kaby Lake i5/i7 CPU or an AMD Ryzen CPU.

Buyers will also be able to choose between a PCIe SSD or SSD and HDD storage configuration.

Another behemoth for your desk.

As you may expect a pre-built PC with two huge GPU’s doesn’t come cheap and the OMEN Desktop will be start pricing at R27 999. Best start saving now then.

Game at 1440p with the HP OMEN 17

HP is also bring the OMEN 15 and OMEN 17 notebooks to SA in August and September respectively.

The specifications are what you would expect from a gaming notebook in 2017. The OMEN 15 will sport an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 while the OMEN 17 will house a GTX 1070. At this stage all we know about the CPUs are that they will be from the Intel Kaby Lake range.

OMEN Laptops available from August.

Details about the CPU aside, we’re really excited about the displays in these notebooks. There is the option to have an OMEN with a UHD display but we’d prefer the 1080p option that includes NVIDIA’s G-sync tech and a refresh rate of 120Hz. Can we get two please HP?

VR Ready configurations of each notebook will also be available.

As to pricing, the OMEN 15 will start at R19 999 (which is not all that bad for a gaming notebook) and the OMEN 17 will start at R24 999.

HP OMEN Displays

Finally, if you’ve been shopping around for a display with a high refresh rate and G-sync you might want to hold onto your money until July when HP makes the OMEN 25 and OMEN 27 displays available.

The OMEN 25 is a 25inch display with a 144Hz refresh rate and response time can be overclocked to be as low as 1ms. The monitor is also fitted with AMD’s FreeSync technology which we found to be decent but not as great as NVIDIA’s G-sync technology. The OMEN 25 will be available in July at prices starting at R8 999.


Speaking of G-sync, the HP OMEN 27’s QHD (2 560 x 1 440) panel does have NVIDIA’s tech inside. The TN panel has an incredible high refresh rate of 165Hz as well as two USB 3.0 ports. Pricing for the OMEN 27 starts at R22 999.

We’d also just like to give HP a pat on the back for it’s monitor names, OMEN 25 and OMEN 27 are great an easy to remember, perhaps ASUS can learn something from them.

Now all that’s left is to start saving up for all this wonderful gear.


Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz writes news, reviews, and opinion pieces for Hypertext. His interests include SMEs, innovation on the African continent, cybersecurity, blockchain, games, geek culture and YouTube.