Steam Sale 2017

Steam Summer Sale 2017: Htxt’s Staff Picks

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The Steam Summer Sale 2017 has been active for a few days now and there’s a metric tonne of great gaming titles on offer. Our staff trawled through the extensive list and handpicked what we’d like to purchase to help make your decision making easier.

Nick Cowen

I’m looking at Some of the weirder stuff I’ve seen but not gotten around to. Games like Pony Island and To The Moon”

Pony Island doesn’t feature any horsing around though, the game is a suspense filled puzzle game in disguise. Players are in limbo, trapped in a malevolent and malfunctioning arcade machine devised by the devil himself. You can check out the game’s trailer below:

To The Moon is a story about two doctors traversing backwards through a dying patient’s memory to grant him his last wish. The game has been described as a “work of art” and a “masterpiece” by numerous users and has an “Overwhelmingly Positive” steam user review rating.

Clinton Matos

I’m looking to get older FPS games like Doom, F.E.A.R and Quake, as well as some rogue-lites like Dead Cells”

The older FPS games need no introduction since they’ve been around for years now. Dead Cells however is an intriguing early access title that combines multiple genres into one beautiful rogue-lite package. While it’s only discounted by 15% right now, it’s still definitely worth picking up.

You’ll explore a sprawling, ever-changing castle… assuming you’re able to fight your way past its keepers in 2D souls-lite combat. No checkpoints. Kill, die, learn, repeat.”

Brendyn Lotz

I bought papers please and am looking at getting the Souls series games because my life isn’t hard enough already.”

Papers Please is a dystopian video game about an immigration officer tasked with accepting or rejecting people from a neighbouring country. The game makes players face moral dilemmas as they make hard decisions that impact the world around them.

Dark Souls II is currently 70% off and Dark Souls III is 60% off. Both of these are very hard deals to pass up considering the critical acclaim these games have received over time.

Sahil Lala

I’m looking at picking up Firewatch, The Flame in the Flood and Orwell.

Firewatch is a first-person adventure game following the life of a park ranger in the mysterious Wyoming wildnerness. A story-rich narrative featuring conversations between the player’s character and their radio companion is the driving force behind this title.

The Flame in the Flood is a rogue-lite survival game with a gorgeous graphical style and excellent soundtrack to boot. Players will have to journey down a procedurally generated backwater, brave the elements, scavenge supplies, craft food and traps, outwit wildlife, and try to stay afloat.

Orwell, quite simply is a game about the invasion of privacy and the use of information by the state loosely based on George Orwell’s “1984”. Players will investigate the lives of citizens to find those responsible for a series of terror attacks. However, everything is not as it seems and the information from the internet, personal communications and private files that you supply to the security forces will have drastic consequences.

What are you picking up from the Steam Summer Sale 2017 ? Let us know in the comments section below and also if we should be looking at anything else in particular.

Sahil Lala

Sahil Lala

Sahil is a tech and gaming enthusiast that's been a writer, reviewer, advisor and editor at multiple publications