Talendesk24-7 Launches

Talentdesk24-7 wants to bring professionals and projects together

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If you’re a freelancer in the market for a job or a project manager looking for talent, a new site has launched that you may want to take a look at.

Talentdesk24-7 is a recruitment site that aims to put professionals and employers together.

It’s a pretty simple set-up. If you’re a freelancer, simply enter your details, including projects you’ve worked on and references. Once the information you’ve entered checks out, you’re added to the site’s talents pool.

Project managers have a similar process to follow; simply set out the details of your project and the site’s internal algorithm will work to pick out suitable candidates for it from the talent pool. Then it’s a case of interviewing candidates and selecting the best ones for your project.

“Work as we know it has changed,” says Terry Madavo, Talendesk24-7’s director and founder of local recruitment company Sapientis.

“Skilled professionals are looking for flexibility in both how they work and what they work on. At the same time, businesses are looking for cost-effective, reliable talent to call on when they need it. Talentdesk24-7 answers this challenge.”

The site seems to be more aimed at freelancers who don’t want to be tied down to one job and instead want access to a steady stream of varied projects. Similarly, the site purports to offer employers access to thoroughly vetted professionals for their projects.

“Client needs are changing all the time, and the need for talent fluctuates with business demands. While the local contractor / consultant / freelancer market is highly dispersed, Talentdesk24-7 brings together a robust talent pool, allowing businesses of all sizes to confidently source the best skills for their projects,” says Madavo.

If all this sounds intriguing, head over to Talentdesk24-7 and enter your details.




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