The Wonder Woman movie is still creating a lot of buzz around the character, and maker Vladimir Mariano from Desktop Makes has created a 3D print of her famous tiara to go along with it.

This design is, of course, based on the tiara as seen in the movie worn by Gal Gadot. Because of this it is missing the red star in the centre which is usually seen in the comics, but it is film accurate.

The simple print is attached to an elasticated headband to keep it secure, and a few layers of any bronze paint give it the required look. There’s no word on whether it can be thrown like a boomerang, so we suggest against it.

You can find the files to print your own over on Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory or Pinshape.

If you’re interested in how this design was made, check out Desktop Makes’ quick tutorial video as well as their online course which teaches you how to make it yourself in Fusion 360.

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