We’re waiting in anticipation for the announcement of Hearthstone’s next expansion this week but here’s some interesting news.

Blizzard announced at the weekend that it would make all Wild sets for Hearthstone available through the Blizzard Shop in the near future.

The wording of the announcement makes it seem as if card packs from Goblins vs Gnomes and The Grand Tournament and the adventures Curse of Naxxramas, Black Rock Mountain and League of Explorers can only be purchased with real money through Blizz’s online store rather than in-game with gold.

This requires a bit more clarity, which we should have in the coming weeks.

The decision to release cards Wild sets is something I for one have been wishing Blizzard would make since cards started being rotated out.

Speaking of cards, several theories are floating around regarding the next expansion.

Our money is on the theory that the next expansion takes us to Dalaran but check out the Lore of the Cards video below from Six Gamers to make your own mind up.

New expansion, an easier way to get Wild cards and the Rogue Quest getting nerfed; it really is a great time to be a Hearthstone player.

[Source – Blizzard]