Notebooks are rather popular among small business owners when it comes to supplying their employees with computers. This is especially true for businesses that need folks to be on the move.

But for those that don’t need portable PCs, a notebook might be too much of a risk thanks to things like sticky fingers and employees who take their notebooks home at the weekend for some after-hours Netflix and chill.

A PC tower addresses those problems, but also introduces its own set of complications when it comes to things like power consumption and desk space.

What a small business needs, then, is a small, compact, and power-efficient PC that has the power to run a variety of tasks, but which also offers up premium security features.

Right tool, right job

While it’s definitely possible to build your own mini PC from scratch, most businesses don’t want to be bogged down with building a PC or choosing the right parts for the right job. That’s where a solution like the ASUS VivoPC VC66D mini PC comes into play.

This tiny PC has just 2 litres of volume inside its compact case, but is still quite customisable. It supports Intel’s 7th generation of Core i3, i5 and i7 CPUs, and has space for up to two 2.5-inch laptop hard drives or SSDs. For those looking for even more performance, the VC66D supports super-fast M.2 SSD technology as well – storage that’s perfect for any business application whose workloads benefit from a very fast storage subsystem.

All of that under-the-hood power is made even more useful by the mini PC’s size – it’s so small that it can be easily mounted behind a screen and used to drive digital signs, and as the power behind the scenes at digital kiosks. For a digital signage/kiosk business making its money off volume, the low cost of these little PCs is perfect.

Security and admin

Where the VC66D really shines, however, is how easy it makes security and administration. The VivoPC VC66D has DASH (Desktop and mobile Architecture for System Hardware) Support, which allows an administrator to manage software on the PC, conduct diagnostics and more, remotely, even while the PC is off. Just what businesses with multiple PCs powering signage and digital kiosks needs to remotely administrate and troubleshoot their deployments.

This would also prove particularly useful for business owners who can’t afford the downtime cyberattacks could cause. Being able to check that a PC will adhere to your security policies before it is even switched on could save you valuable time and money.

Head over to the official ASUS South Africa website for more information.


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