Fans of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series may have a chance to get their hands on the Note 7 later this month.

We say “may” because to get your hands on one you’ll need to travel to South Korea and potentially wait in line to get your hands on one of the 400 000 units.

The handset is being sold under the name Galaxy Note Fan Edition – likely to avoid confusion with the Note 7 which was recalled twice – and goes on sale this Friday 7th July.

While this is a re-re-release Samsung has said that it will implement the same UX and software that we’ve seen in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

The Galaxy Note Fan Edition will sport a smaller 3 200mAh battery (the original handset had a 3 500mAh battery) as well as Samsung’s personal assistant Bixby.

The handset goes on sale this week for 699 600 won (~R7 900) and Samsung will  consider opening up sales to the rest of the world at a later stage.

For those that are giddy at the prospect of finally getting a new Note device Samsung is expected to announce the Note 8 soon so perhaps hold of on buying that air ticket for a while longer.

[Source – Samsung (translated)]
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