Uber and Lyft are household names at this point, and many people point to them being heralds of the self-driving car and the future of transport.

On the other hand, their services can allegedly attract drunkards soiling themselves, people on the way to porn shoots, and criminals in need of a getaway vehicle.

That’s what has come out of a recent Ask Reddit thread where one user requested that the site share their most NSFW stories about being a driver for either company.

The top comment right now can be read below.

Oh yes… finally a place to share this story.

I started driving for Uber about a year ago, and nothing too crazy happened. Except for one time…

I picked up two guys one Saturday evening, and they said that they were headed to a bar to hang out. I didn’t think much of it until they got into the car. Something smelled horrible. I couldn’t pinpoint what the smell was though. It almost smelled like spoiled meat or fish.

We didn’t talk much through the ride, other the the usual get-to-know-you conversation. They were pretty short with their answers, so I just let it go and kept the silence.

It got to the point where the smell coming from them was so unbearable that I had to crack a few windows just to air out. As we were nearing their destination, one of the guys said, “You can just drop us off here.” It was a few blocks from where they said their destination was.

They opened the doors and as they were stepping out of the car, they ran. I was really confused. Within a few seconds, I couldn’t see them anymore. I looked at the back seats to my car only to find bloodstains on the seat. I thought it looked really suspicious, so I called the police. They looked at my car and asked me more details. The police told me that there was a woman who was killed earlier today, and the suspects were 2 middle aged men. I described them and they matched the descriptions perfectly.

The police called for backup and started searching the whole area, and it turns out that the guys were caught a few hours later.

Tl;dr: Two people killed a woman and used me as a getaway vehicle.

After reading that, and before you go further down the thread, keep in mind that this is the internet, and these stories may be works of fiction. On top of that, we’re sure both Uber or Lyft will refuse to corroborate any of these stories, even if they are true.

The thread is still highly entertaining, and extremely disgusting to read, so jump in at your own peril.

If you are at work and want to sneak in a read of the replies, you should be able to do so harmlessly as most of it is simply text. Well, until you reach this comment about a drunk girl at her bachelorette party that defecated in her shorts. There’s a graphic picture attached to that one, so be weary (I hate you -ed.).


[Image – CC 2.0 by Mark Ou]
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