RUSH, the esports event created by the awesome folks that bring us rAge each year is getting a Hearthstone Fireside Gathering.

This morning Kwesé announced that it would be hosting both a casual and a “serious” tournament for fans of Blizzard’s collector card game.

The “serious” tournaments will take place everyday from the 21st to 23rd July. Those that finish in first place will earn themselves R5 000, second will get R3 000 and third place gets R1 000.

As for players who prefer a more casual experience, Kwesé will also be hosting a casual tournament with “various prizes” on offer.

Players can bring their own device (remember you can play Hearthstone on a smartphone) but MSI will also be providing notebooks at RUSH for players to use.

Speaking of which, players in the serious tournament stand a chance of winning themselves an MSI notebook as well as their prize money.

To enter you can head over to the dedicated site Kwesé has set up to sign up. Take note, an entrance into the tournament does not include entrance to RUSH you’ll have to pay for that yourself.

For those that plan on entering, good luck, we’ve got a Dragon Priest deck we’re sure is going to cause some upsets. Well, as long as the Rogue quest gets nerfed before RUSH.