There has been a debate of late (most recently in the UK) that encryption used by the likes of WhatsApp should be scrapped, or at the very least authorities should be given back doors into them.

The flaws in this argument are many but expressing them is often difficult as the topic of encryption is usually accompanied with enough jargon to put even the most enthusiastic individual to sleep.

Enter YouTuber Tom Scott.

In his latest video series The Basics, Scott explains why he thinks programming a backdoor into the likes of WhatsApp so that governments can execute the modern day equivalent of a wiretap is a reasonable idea.

As a bonus, Scott also explains how encryption works and why we use it. You can watch the video below.

Spoiler alert, Scott’s backing of back doors comes with a number of caveats chief among which is insuring they are limited in scope and time.

To our mind the most important point the ‘Tuber makes is how programming a backdoor for one country to fight terrorism could result in another country abusing it for more nefarious purposes.

The point is that encryption is not something we can just do away with. Cryptography is – like it or not – a part of our daily lives and while you might not have something hide, we’re sure your boss wouldn’t want to know what you say to your mates about being at work at 6pm on Friday.