Despite being a dormant franchise at this point, BioShock still attracts a lot of fan creations in the 3D printing community.

A recent example is the revolver as seen in the first game. While the base gun may look like a regular firearm, this print is intended to replicate it after it has received both upgrades available.

Because of this it has a huge drum of bullets attached to the side and what looks to be an LED representing the damage upgrade. Compare the print to the screenshot from the game (the image with the black background in the gallery) and you’ll see that it looks almost perfect.

You can find the files to print your own version of this replica over on Thingiverse.

This version is actually a set of prints which attach to an existing toy gun. If you prefer one that is 100% printed, we suggest this version by Daniel Lilygreen, the same person who created the grenade launcher 3D print, also from BioShock.

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