If you want a game of Whack-A-Mole / Whac-A-Mole your best best is tracking down an arcade that hasn’t gone out of business yet. Alternatively, just make your own with a carboard box and some basic electronics.

This simplified version of the game uses a box with six buttons to represent the moles. Instead of a mechanical system of animatronic moles pop up, they are instead represented on a screen. Hit physical buttons, knock down virtual moles.

The process is handled by a lesser-known makerboard by SunFounder but the project looks to be flexible enough to get it running on an Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

If you want to make your own version you can find a full guide over on Instructables.

All the steps and code you need are there, but there’s a handy video below you can watch to get the TL;DR version.

One change we hope someone makes here is replacing the cardboard box with something sturdier. While the impetus for the project was the fact that the uploader didn’t want to throw away the boxes in their house, we don’t think it’s a great base for something which is made to be hit over and over again.