Tomorrow Blizzard will announce the theme of its next expansion for Hearthstone but to tide you over Ragnaros the Firelord is hosting a festival.

Given the rather tongue in cheek moniker of The Midsummer Fire Festival which is (surprise, surprise) an event in World of WarCraft.

Players will need create a a regular 30-card deck (remember Tavern Brawl uses the Wild format) to participate. After turn one a mini-Ragnaros will appear which will randomly throw two damage at the opponents characters come the end of the turn. At the end of the turn mini-Ragnaros will switch allegiance and to insure it survives, the character is immune.

The miniature Firelord will gain attack for each minion it kills and there are rewards for buffing it up. Let mini-Rag get 10 kills and you’ll earn a special Fire Festival themed emote, 30 kills will unlock another and 60 kills will unlock the final emote.

The Fire Festival emote replaces the “Wow” emote.

While the Brawl is fun, the best bit about this event is that players will be able to earn double gold for completing quests until the Brawl ends.

Rag is feeling generous.

Remember, the announcement for the next expansion takes place tomorrow at 4am our time. Don’t worry if you can’t be awake at that time though because we will be and we’ll bring you the news as soon as it happens.