With a new class added to Diablo III the game is on many people’s minds again, including the maker community.

Morgan Morey was happy to oblige those looking for a 3D print from the game with a design of Diablo. This is, of course, the spikey version of the Prime Evil as seen in the third game.

Like Morey’s version of Heath Ledger’s Joker, this is a bust instead of a full action figure. That being said, it’s still impressively menacing and the shadowing in the render really adds to the look.

The rough print you see in the gallery below is still great and we hope someone makes a finished, painted version.

If you want to have a try at doing just that, the files are available on MyMiniFactory.

This marks the second time we’ve featured a 3D print of Diablo. The first time we did it was of the demon’s appearance in Heroes of the Storm where, to be honest, it looked far less menacing.

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