If you’ve ever wanted to become a little more knowledgable about cybersecurity – and let’s face it, if you haven’t, you should – we have some good news for you.

Internet Solutions is launching an initiative called PhishNet, a service aimed at educating corporations about how they can protect themselves from phishing attacks.

Essentially PhishNet allows security teams to launch phishing campaigns against colleagues and by doing so, trains them to be on the look out for signs of these attacks. If you ever saw the movie Sneakers you’ll get the idea; you hire a team to try and break into your network in order to point out the weak links in your network and employee pool.

Given the fact that South Africans face tons of phishing attempts on an almost daily basis, PhishNet is certainly a service worth investigating – whether you’re a private citizen or an employer of a large team.

“Even in a company with a vibrant, happy, positive office culture, employee behaviour is one of the biggest risks to cybersecurity,’ says Sean Nourse, Chief Solutions Officer at Internet Solutions.

“Phishing attacks are increasingly sophisticated and they target individuals, so proactive employee education is an important element of a holistic cybersecurity strategy.”

If you’re vague about the benefits of such a service, allow us to point you in the direction of a couple of cases of very nasty malware. We’ve reached out to Internet Solutions for some more details about PhishNet – including pricing and implementation – so check back later for a more detailed look at the service.