Engineer and candidate mad scientist Mark Rober has created a Super Soaker water pistol that measures in at seven feet (2.13 metres) long.

The gun is made up of a large wooden frame with a pump system hidden in the handle. A canister filled with nitrogen gas provides the pressure to push out a stream of water from a second canister of water.

The resulting stream comes out at 272 miles, or 437 kilometers per hour, enough to cut through soda cans, hot dogs, watermelons, and plate glass.

Rober claims in the description of the video embedded below that this holds the Guinness World Record for the largest Super Soaker, and that wouldn’t be too surprising.

The build took more than six months to complete and comes with a lot of other great features such as magnetic panels to easily refill the water and gas, as well as an interchangeable nozzle system so you can switch between cutting up food stufs and having a slightly more gentle water fight.

The information in the video about the pressure that this gun is capable of is impressive too. The regular Super Soaker this is based off of is pressurised to 40 PSI. A firetruck is around 300 PSI, and this giant toy can do 2 400 PSI.