So far Neill Blomkamp’s Oats Studios has shown us what humanity enslaved by alien life looks like, an alternative timeline in which a monster terrorised the Vietnam war and a cooking show that will leave you reaching for the nearest barf bag. And it seems as if those were just part of the starter course.

Yesterday Oats Studio released its latest short film Zygote which tells the story of a synthetic human played by Dakota Fanning and a creature made of, well we don’t want to spoil it so we’ll let you watch the film first. Be forewarned however, viewer discretion is advised.

So humans then, Blomkamp’s studio decided to make a monster that was created from the corpses (if we can call them that as they appear very much alive) of its victims which work at a mining facility.

Zygote (as the creature is known) then uses the knowledge and fingerprints of its victims to move through the facility hunting down new additions for its body in a weird mash up of Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs and The Thing.

As is fast becoming the case with Oats Studios’ work, the visual effects are spectacular and the acting is remarkably good for a film that’s a mere 22 minutes or so long. We’re hoping that Netflix or another big production house taps Blomkamp up to produce a series or movie based on one of these worlds he has created because honestly, we want more.

As always you can support the work Oats Studio is doing by buying the DLC through Steam. You can now buy the DLC for Rakka, Firebase and Zygote for a R132 and there is one more film coming our way.

In an interview with The Verge, Blomkamp said that the forth short film Lima would be a thriller set in the current day but also mentioned he was not sure when that would be released.

For now though we’re content with watching and rewatching Oats Studios’ creations on YouTube, just not Cooking With Bill, no more Cooking With Bill please.