Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects based around Twitter are a dime a dozen at this point, but you can still find innovative little builds here and there that are worth looking at.

This “desktop Twitter ticker” by James West is one of many such maker projects based off of the idea of a stock ticker.

What makes West’s version so great in our eyes is its simplicity (so you can make your own) as well as the its attractive wooden enclosure which makes it perfect for a nightstand or your desk.

The hardware inside of the custom wooden casing includes a Raspberry Pi Zero W connected to a ProtoZero board, with the display handled by an LED matrix from Pimoroni. Two buttons on the top are used for control and power is provided by a lead directly into a wall socket.

You can find a full build log of this project over on West’s personal blog, with the code available on Github.

We also suggest you check out the previous two incarnations created before this one. The early 2015 prototype and the 2016 version which used an e-ink display.

Neither of these, according to West, were “wife-compliant”, which is why this new version comes with the wood finish.

[Source: Hackster.io Blog]
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