The Democratic Alliance has said that it will lay charges of money laundering and corruption against the local arm of SAP and 3D printing firm CAD House.

The move comes after it was revealed that SAP had allegedly paid the Gupta-linked firm CAD House $7.8 million (~R100 million) to assist in securing a Transnet contract.

“This consultancy is rather irregular considering that SAP is an international software giant which had existing contracts with Transnet,” the DA said in a statement.

The party goes on to point out that CAD House sells 3D printers and had no prior relationships with SAP.

Should the DA go ahead with its plans, SAP directors and employees as well as members and employees of CAD House will be charged with corruption and money laundering. The DA also said it would press charges against “any other person who had material interests in this dodgy deal.”

SAP announced last week that it was in the process of investigating the allegations that were brought to light recently but also claimed said allegations were “unfounded and unsubstantiated”.

The SAP investigation will be led by executive board member Adaire Fox-Martin who said the firm would not tolerate any form of misconduct.

[Image – CC 0 Public Domain Pixabay]
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