The more abuse that’s hurled through social media, the more the internet looks like a cracked mirror held to to reflect the worst impulses human beings have.

Forget the trolls and shitlords of sites like 4chan and the like; all you really need is to look at Twitter after the most recent announcement concerning Doctor Who.

Last night the BBC announced in brief trailer that actress Jodie Whittaker will be assuming the mantle of the 13th Time Lord. Yes, you read that correctly: the new Doctor Who  is going to be a woman. Have a gander at the teaser below:

Now some of our readers may be thinking: “so Doctor Who is a woman now? Fancy that!”

However, some of the series’ faithful have gone apoplectic at the news, as has been evidenced by their posts on Twitter. Here are some random selections.

The above, by the way, are some of the more restrained complaints we found.

It should come as any surprise, really – anyone who remembers the hatred last year’s Ghostbusters reboot received ahead of release will be in familiar territory. Hell, Whittaker herself released a statement reassuring fans that they needn’t be afraid of her gender.

Fortunately, there are as many fans praising the decision as there are knocking it, but really Doctor Who being played by an actress shouldn’t warrant some of the levels of vitriol that have been launched against both the show in general and Whittaker in particular.

What do you think? Are you going to be watching the new Doctor Who? Do you have a problem with this change? And exactly how much influence should fans have over the shows they watch?

If that last question sounds ridiculous consider this; do you think the people behind shows like Breaking Bad, The Wire or Game Of Thrones would buckle in the face of fans complaining about the content and developments in those series?

Incidentally, if you want to check out Whittaker’s work ahead of the new Doctor Who landing, she was in Broadchurch and that’s on Netflix right now. It’s really rather good and so is she.