In the lead up to season 3 of Rick and Morty at the end of July, Adult Swim released a promo video last night entitled ‘Exquisite Corpse’.

The video is a literal acid trip with the titular pair going through almost four minutes of lunacy after Morty drops a beaker of pure LSD.

What follows is a nonsensical adventure with wildly varying art styles and animations techniques. This may be of little surprise to those who have been following this type of promo video, as the Non-Canonical Adventures series was done in claymation.

But back to the “Exquisite Corpse” part of the title. You may already know what this is, as it’s a popular childhood game. It’s usually played by having one player draw a section of a piece of art, fold over the paper so only a small amount of the work can be seen, and the next player continuing the piece. 

The Rick and Morty promo above is this same theory applied to a video. While it’s not explained in the description we’re sure many artists and animators had a hand in creating it.

While reading up on the topic on Wikipedia you may be not be surprised to find that the quick editors of the internet have already added in this video under the “modern examples” section.

You can see an example of an Exquisite Corpse drawing done by Jake and Dinos Chapman below. Note the clear lines which separate parts of the drawing, where the artists changed over.