The superb rogue-like/lite Enter the Gungeon has sold more than a million copies, as confirmed by a tweet from developers Dodge Roll Games.

If you need a quick refresher on the game, Gungeon came out last year to mostly positive reviews. It also gained quite a following with places such as its subreddit becoming very active.

It was one of my personal favourite games of last year and I poured 171 hours into to it get every Steam achievement it had.

I highly suggest you pick it up if you can handle some brutal difficulty combined with some potentially rough RNG.

If you’re a bit apprehensive you can read my review or my comparison piece against The Binding of Isaac.

Alternatively, give a few videos from the playlist below a watch. It’s by YouTube content creator Northernlion and it’s extremely enjoyable even if you have no interest in the game.

On top of my 171 hours I also watched all 136 videos in this playlist. I only mention that because I learned a lot of little tips and tricks from the videos which would have taken me a long time to learn myself in game, as that kind of trial and error gameplay is prevalent in the rogue genre.