The Eternal card game launched in Early Access late last year on Steam and now the game is coming to mobile.

Eternal is a digital card game created by Dire Wolf Digital and while many feel it borrows heavily from Magic: The Gathering, it is a lot cheaper and about as easy to pick up as Hearthstone.

The cross-platform play means that Eternal joins the ranks of Hearthstone and The Elder Scrolls: Legends which are both available to play on Apple iOS and Android devices.

So should you play it? Well the game is free to play and there are a number of mechanics that can help you amass cards quickly. For instance Draft mode (which is very similar to Hearthstone’s Arena mode) allows players to keep the cards they draft and add them to their collection.

If you love card games and you loved Magic I would highly recommend checking Eternal out.

The news that the game is coming to mobile is also accompanied by the launch of the game’s second set Omens of the Past which contains 240 new cards.

For those that get weary of Hearthstone’s meta game, Eternal offers a nice change of pace and really, who can hate gunslingers fighting against (or with depending on your deck) sorcerers.

Eternal is free to play (with in app purchases) and I’m excited to waste more data playing a card game during meetings, erm I mean, while waiting for the doctor.


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