You might know of a 2003 a film directed, produced and written by Tommy Wiseau called The Room, and if you don’t, well we envy you.

The film is widely regarded as one of the worst movies ever made but to its credit it has created a sub-sect of people that love it because it is so bad.

Years later in 2013 Wiseau’s co-star in the film (oh yes, he did star in the film he wrote, produced and directed) Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell released the book The Disaster Artist which gave fans of the film a behind the scenes look at the production of the film and that book has been turned into a movie.

The film is directed by James Franco who also stars in the film alongside Seth Rogen and Dave Franco.

For those that can’t watch the trailer it features Franco’s Wiseau struggling through his lines. Yes the very same lines Wiseau wrote.

The film will release on 1st December and we don’t think you’ll have to have seen the movie to understand what is going on. At least for your sake we hope you don’t have to.

For those that are morbidly curious but don’t want to watch the film, you can check out the video below from I Hate Everything which dissects the film nay, tears it apart like a rabid wolf.




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