Just over a year ago id Software and Bethesda opened up hell and sent DOOM guy into clean up the mess.

Today Bethesda is rolling out a change that will please players with a tight grip on their wallet but may rile up those that already purchased the game and its DLC.

Update 6.66 makes all of the multiplayer DLC (Unto Evil, Hell Followed and Bloodfall) available to all players for free.

To be fair you only get nine maps, three guns, three demons to play as and armour sets, but it’s free.

The multiplayer experience has also been tweaked.

There is now a progression system that players can use to work towards unlocks they want by reaching certain levels.

Players who have already unlocked gear and upgrades will be able to choose to start over or keep what they have and earn anything they haven’t through the new system.

Rip and tear, for free

Bethesda also announced free weekends where players who haven’t cleaned up hell yet can have a go.

The first free weekend kicks off for Xbox One and PC players today at 19:00 and PS4 players will have a free weekend starting next week Thursday 27th July at 18:00.

The game has also received a discount. On Xbox One a copy will cost you R199.50, on PS4 it will cost R249 and the Steam price is R399 at time of writing. Importantly, if you buy the game during the free weekend you will retain your progression.

Now to the elephant in the room – the folks that supported the game and purchased the DLC before this announcement. What sort of goodies does Bethesda have for those people?

“We’re giving all veteran players a special badge recognizing their previous experience in the game,” writes Bethesda.

That’s right, if you played multiplayer and purchased the DLC you get a “special badge” as a token of appreciation for spending you rhard earned money on DLC that has just been made free to everybody.

That stings us just a bit but we want to know what you think. Should Bethesda have compensated the fans that spent money on its game a bit better than it has? Let us know in the comments below.