Netflix has shown off a full length trailer for its first blockbuster movie, Bright, at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC).

The movie, which was shot on a budget of $90 million stars Will Smith, Noomi Rapace and Joel Edgerton and is set in a universe that bears more than a slight resemblance to Shadowrun.

Like Catalyst Game Labs’s classic tabletop roleplaying game, Bright sees humans rubbing shoulders with mythical creatures – such as faeries, orcs and elves – in a grimy dystopian world filled with high-tech weapons and magical artefacts.

The plot centres around a human cop (Smith) who is partnered up with an orc (Edgerton) and the pair of them have to track down a magic wand before it falls into the wrong hands. If that sounds absolutely bonkers to you, check out the trailer below. Believe us when we tell you it makes sense:

The film is directed by David Ayer, who penned the screenplay to Training Day and who also wrote and directed End Of Watch, Harsh Times and most recently, Suicide Squad. The screenplay for Bright was written by Max Landis who is best known for producing the scripts for the dark teen superhero film Chronicle and the CIA black-ops/pothead mash-up American Ultra.

According to the news coming out of SDCC, Bright is scheduled to appear exclusively on Netflix on 22 December later this year. Yes, exclusively, so for once that means us South Africans won’t have to wait to watch it like we do with House Of Cards.