With last year’s Galaxy Note 7 having been marred by battery defects, fans of the phablet have been itching for news on a new iteration and it seems as if Samsung has something in the pipeline.

On 23 August Samsung will unveil a new smartphone at an Unpacked event in New York.

We say “a new smartphone” because the Note name is not specifically mentioned. Given that last year Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 7 rather than the 6 we all expected we’ll hold off on guessing what the name of the handset will be.

The teaser gif that accompanies the announcement says to “Do bigger things” so it’s safe to say that we’re probably going to be getting a larger handset.

The stylised imagery in that same teaser suggests that this handset will have a similar aesthetic to the S8 and S8+ launched earlier this year.

We’re quite excited to see a large form factor smartphone from Samsung once again after the disaster that was the release of the Note 7 last year.

Shortly after that device’s release it was found to spontaneously combust leading 2.5 million handsets to be recalled worldwide. The handset never saw official release in South Africa.

Samsung did release a revamped version of the Note 7 in South Korea earlier this year which featured a smaller battery.

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