It seems that this is the week where we look back at software with nostalgia, as we focused on Microsoft Paint yesterday, and now we’re looking at Neopets.

Like the story on Paint, this is focused on another great mini-documentary from a YouTube content creator. Fredrik Knudsen has been creating a series called “Down the Rabbit Hole” which explores, explains and documents oddities from the internet and beyond. 

The newest edition of Down the Rabbit Hole looks at the once popular Neopets browser game and the business it created. It also touches on how Scientology was almost incorporated into the game, and the fact that it was a pioneer in advertising in the younger days of the internet.

While we can’t speak of the contributor to the video, PetSimmerJulie, we’ve been subscribed to Fredrik Knudsen for some time now and we can recommend everything on his channel. 

There’s only 13 episodes of the series right now (including this Neopets one) so you can knock them all out in a binge session or two.

Our favourites are the Mother Horse Eyes and Collyer Brothers episodes. The former is a real treat if you’re a fan of body horror literature and you spend too much time on Reddit like we do. 


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