Kaspersky Lab is offering parents that are concerned about what their child can see and do online a helping hand throughout the month of August.

A recent survey conducted by the firm found that a third of parents felt they had little to no control over what their child was doing online. Couple that with the rapid pace at which technology evolves and many parents are left feeling helpless.

“Today, children are not only exposed to a lot more as a result of technology, but it is also difficult for parents to keep up, as technology constantly evolves. It is with this very real reality in mind that we are hoping to provide some assistance,” acting head of Content Analysis and Research at Kaspersky Lab, Konstatnin Ignatev said in a statement.

That assistance comes in the form of a simple email address – [email protected]

Using this email address parents will be able to get cybersecurity advice from a Kaspersky expert. Note, Kaspersky is not offering psychological advice but if such a question is asked a resource where more information can be found will be provided.

The email address will be active from 1st to 31st August and the service is 100% free of charge.

“We welcome your questions and hope that as many parents as possible will take advantage of this opportunity to gain extra support and guidance, in dealing with the difficult task of protecting children online today and understanding what resources are available to them,” Ignatev concluded.

Parents can also visit Kaspersky Labs’ website dedicated to child safety online for more information.

[Image – CC 0 Public Domain Pixabay]
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