Deadpool the Duck LEGO minifigure SDCC BS

Here’s a cool Deadpool the Duck LEGO minifigure you can’t have

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LEGO has created a minifigure of the amalgamation of Deadpool and Howard the Duck.

Sounds cool, right? It would look great as a little oddity in anyone’s collection, even for those who don’t collect LEGO.

If you want one it will run you around $300 to the nearest Ebay sculper, because it’s a San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) exclusive and you’re not going to be get it any other way.

LEGO, like many other companies, has for many years participated in the baffling practice of creating really desirable collectables and offering them up to those who are lucky enough to be at SDCC.

These privileged souls will also have the chance to nab exclusive versions of Spider-Man and Venom. On the DC side there’s also Vixen, Supergirl and Martian Manhunter.

If you want more information about these ridiculous exclusives and why they need to stop, we suggest this post on Jay’s Brick Blog. It can be summed up in this excerpt: “This time every year at SDCC, LEGO makes the mind-boggling decision to screw over 99.9% of its fanbase…”

This decision is particularly bad for fans of Deadpool, as he has only ever appeared in one set and will probably never been seen as a standalone again thanks to the character appearing in an R-rated film.

If you’re wondering about LEGO’s official stance on the subject, it boils down to “it’s tradition“. Blergh.


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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