You might think that curved screens and high refresh rates are the reserve of expensive high-end monitors, and until recently you’d have been right.

Thankfully, as technology progresses, high-end features inevitably trickle down to more affordable monitors. These lower-cost screens are perfect for gamers with more modest budgets who can’t splurge on the best gaming rigs, yet still want to enjoy premium features.

ASUS knows not all gamers are loaded, and has created a monitor that delivers the right performance features in an affordable, practical solution.

The result is the Republic of Gamers Strix XG27VQ,a Full HD (1920 x 1080) display that has a gentle 1800R curve to its gorgeous 27-inch body.

Just look at those curves.

Couple this with an IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel, and you get a screen with a beautiful wide viewing angle that will suck gamers into whatever game they’re playing. IPS technology means that gamers will get to enjoy more lifelike colours than non-IPS screens can offer.

ASUS has even added a new MOBA display preset to go alongside the original FPS, RTS/RPG, Racing, sRGB, Cinema, and Standard modes. Not content with stopping there, ASUS went a step further: for those that aren’t happy with the presets, the ASUS DisplayWidget allows the user to tweak the display properties and settings to their liking.


There’s also good news for those using AMD graphics cards as the XG27VQ boasts support for AMD FreeSync. Much like NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology, FreeSync eliminates screen tearing by matching the display’s frame rate with the number of frames per second the GPU outputs, resulting in buttery smoothness in all games. To get the most of FreeSync you will need to use the high-bandwidth DisplayPort output, which the monitor supports, along with HDMI and Dual-link DVI.

That FreeSync tech will come in handy when the XG27VQ is pushed to its maximum refresh rate of 144Hz. This is great for fans of first person shooters such as CS:GO, where higher framerates translate into smoother gameplay and the competitive advantage that comes from supreme responsiveness to player input.

Aura Lighting

Customisable lighting for that extra pop.

As a bit of extra flair, the XG27VQ features ASUS Aura lighting at the back of the display. This allows gamers to synchronise the lighting on their ASUS Aura-compatible peripherals and components, giving their rigs just that much more of a “Wow!” factor.

And for extra peace of mind, the XG27VQ also features ASUS’s newest addition to its monitors: a three-year carry-in warranty. That’s an extra year over the industry standard for screen warranties, and it applies to all new ASUS monitors sold this year.

In the XG27VQ, we have a Full HD monitor from ASUS that has all the cutting-edge high-end features a 1080p gamer could ask for.


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