Need to shout more? 3D Print this Amulet of Talos from Skyrim

The talented people at Power Up Props are back with another Skyrim 3D print after recreating the Skeleton Key.

This version of the Amulet of Talos is scaled reasonably enough with the hollow tube at the top allowing for a chain or loop of material so you can wear it if you’d like.

Instead of pulling the files from the game this was apparently recreated from scratch inside of Autodesk Inventor. We imagine it took a while to model in all those decorative indentations, and even longer to paint them.

Once the model was done the version you see in the gallery below was printed using flexible white filament from Shapeways.


The files to print your own amulet can be found on MyMiniFactory.

Alternatively, you can buy completed versions from Power Up Props’ Etsy store. You’ll be paying $12 for an unpainted version and $35 for a completed and painted one.

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