The sequel to Sunless Sea, Sunless Skies, will be coming to both Steam’s Early Access and GOG’s Games in Development before the month is out.

This comes from a Kickstarter update posted yesterday following the game’s successful campaign which raised £377 952 ($500 276 / R6.6 million) from 11 739 backers.

Backers will receive a key for the game in an email, with everyone else able to buy the game for £18.99 or $24.99. The first week of releas will see that price receiving a 10% discount, and you should check back to Steam for a regional price if you live outside of the US and UK.

Those wanting to jump into the game at this early stage will have access to the first of four planned regions. This first area, called “the Reach” will apparently feature “the riches of the region’s ruins and wild gardens”.

The game play accompanying this will include the ability to “explore the skies, dock at ports, interact with stories, trade, fight and die”.

Following the process of continual updates throughout the Early Access and Games in Development, Sunless Skies is set to have a final release in May of 2018.

If you’re new to this series of games, or their broader world known as Fallen London, we suggest you check out our review of Sunless Sea.