We’ve seen many 3D prints from Rick and Morty, but never one that has flipped us off.

This is, of course, Rick’s appearance in episode six of season 2 as he’s descending down the slow ramp, brandishing the sign for “peace among worlds”.

You can find the files to make your own tiny Rick (no not that one) over on Thingiverse.

The creator of the design, Darryl Ricketts, warns that the “eyes” on the headband are very fragile, so be careful when you print. Hopefully he adds a nonplussed alien Morty to go along with this model at some point.

If this isn’t the Rick and Morty 3D print you were looking for, may we suggest Rick’s portal gunMr. Poopybutthole, the Meeseeks Box, the butter robot, or Pickle Rick himself.

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