For a game that had most journalists and players scratching their heads when it was first unveiled at E3, For Honor has managed to earn itself a pretty loyal following.

Pop online, and you’ll find that it’s lobbies are still relatively full and, from a local standpoint, the patches Ubisoft have dropped on the game have made connecting to a match less of a headache. Hell, the game’s even attracted the attention of the maker community.

Naturally Ubisoft is keen to stoke up more interest in its tactical hack ‘n slash ahead of the third season of DLC dropping on 15 August, Grudge & Glory. To that end, For Honor will be free to play this weekend from 10 to 13 August. Start sharpening your blades.

The free weekend will include the game in its entirety, which includes all the multiplayer maps and the full single-player campaign. If you play on PS4 or Uplay, you can start preloading the game as early as today – we recommend you do so, because it’s what you’d call small.

During the free session, For Honor is also going to be offered at a pretty hefty discount. Any progress players make on their free trial will be saved into the full game, should they decide they want to buy it.

In the meantime the For Honor faithful may be interested to know that there are two new fighters coming to the game – the Highlander and the Gladiator. The latter is described as a Knight Assassin, that trades armour for speed and quick cool downs. The former is a Viking hybrid that boasts the biggest sword in the game and who trades powerful attacks for the ability to block, while using counter attacks to bite into enemies.

So, if you’ve no plans this weekend, grab a sword (or an axe, or a knife, or a club) and start swinging.