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Forget the cards, 3D print the Millennium Ring from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Fan creations from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series pop up now and again, and today we have this impressive recreation of the Millennium Ring to look at.

Created by Thingiverse user Rohnin Menezes this scaled down version of the prop took only around two hours to create inside of Blender.

Once sent to a 3D printer it took four hours and 45 minutes to print using 25% infill. Using support material that was removed after printing, the interlocking sections are permanently attached to the main ring which measures in at eight centimetres in diameter.

If you want to print your own, the file can be found on Thingiverse. We hope someone grabs them and gives it a good gold paint job so it looks more authentic.


If you’re looking for the more popular Millennium Puzzle, well you’ve got a lot of options.

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