If you use a Chrome browser with AdBlock you may have noticed a tab popped open recently informing you of version 3.15.0 of the popular software.

The two big changes mentioned in the update message include the ability to hide Facebook ads, and a more nebulous change to a variety of sites.

The changes can be read below:

We can now hide ads on Facebook. A new way to filter ad requests allows us to hide unblockable ads like the ones on Facebook.

We can now block more kinds of ads on more sites. By blocking two of the ways ad companies are exploiting vulnerabilities in Chrome, we’re making it harder to sneak ads past AdBlock on news, streaming video, and other popular sites.

The accompanying blog post for this update mentions that, as AdBlock and other such software becomes more popular, sites which rely on ads to generate revenue will seek ways around them. They make specific mention of Facebook (which has tried getting around ad blocking software in the past).

The post also mentions that the people behind AdBlock “enjoy the technical challenge” of this particular game of cat and mouse, and they have “more exciting releases in the coming months”.