Tomorrow Hearthstone players that favour the EU server over the US server will be able to open their Knights of the Frozen Throne card packs.

Yes, we know “it’s unfair” but this is the lay of the land and we just need to cope with the fact that our brethren across the pond get card releases one day earlier than we do.

As you may know all the cards for the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion have been released and we took some time yesterday to highlight the cards we would definitely be crafting if we didn’t get them in the 50 packs we pre-ordered. So armed with some extra dust let’s get crafting.

Mindbreaker – Neutral Minion

*burp* Hey Morty check this new world I found.

A three cost card that disables hero powers seems like something rather powerful given the introduction of the Death Knight cards which seem incredibly powerful on paper. It also helps that Mindbreaker is a 2/5 body so getting rid of it might prove tricky for some classes. Given its a Rare card this will cost 100 arcane dust to craft.

Shallow Gravedigger – Neutral Minion

Yo dawg, we heard you like Deathrattles.

While the Priest Quest from Journey to Un’Goro seems to have fallen out of favour, the introduction of new Deathrattle minions may change that a bit. This little 3/1 body will add a random Deathrattle minion to your hand. Great for Priest’s looking to get closer to that quest goal and N’zoth decks that need just a bit more fuel.

Arfus – Legendary Neutral Minion

Geddit? Like Arthas? Blizzard is the king of lame jokes.

Let’s face facts – four mana for a 2/2 body just sounds bad but, you do get a rather powerful card when Arfus dies. The card belongs to the Beast tribe so it could be rather easy to discover it or have a Jeweled Macaw drop one in your hand. The stats are problematic especially since Potion of Madness exists but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Archbishop Benedictus – Legendary Priest Minion

Stealing is bad, so I’ll just take the rest of your deck.

Having long suffered as the butt of many jokes, Priest has made something of a comeback in recent months. That may all change however with the introduction of the Archbishop. At a mana cost of seven, 4/6 in stats is bad but shuffling a copy of your opponent’s deck into yours might not be. While your ability to draw might be hampered by this card there is one good reason to craft it – memes. And before you jump down my throat for crafting a card for the memes, Mayor Noggenfogger is a card that folks willingly put in their decks, so leave me be.

Bone Drake – Neutral Minion

The dragons are coming back!

Being a Priest player there’s only one tribe I care about – dragons. Like Brian Kibler I love decks that use these mighty scale covered beasts and we’re getting a few new ones in Knights of the Frozen Throne. Leveraging the randomness that Priest seems to be thriving on at the moment I love the idea of Bone Drake. A six mana cost minion with a deathrattle that adds a random dragon to your hand. At 6/5 stats it’s pretty big and at 100 dust it sounds like a must craft to me.