LG reveals the V30 camera will take fantastic snaps

LG’s latest flagship smartphone, the V30 is set to be revealed at the end of August but the firm is slowly releasing details about the handset.

Last week we learned that the smartphone would sport the world’s first P-OLED display where P stands for plastic and today we’ve learned that the V30 will have another first – a camera with an f1.6 aperture.

This little feature will make the V30 the smartphone with the largest aperture currently available on the market.

So what’s the point? Quite simply – picture quality. The wider the aperture of a camera lens the more light you can let in and that translates into better looking photos.


The V30’s lens will let in 25% more light than a lens with a f1.8 aperture such as the one housed in the iPhone 7.

The question then is will the V30 have the best camera we’ve seen in a smartphone yet? Well it’s hard to tell given all that we have is a sheet of paper with some specifications.

The addition of features such as laser detection AF, optical image stabilisation and electronic image stabilisation will surely help LG’s aspirations of creating a great smartphone with an even better camera but its one of those features you really need to test for yourself.

And on that note we’re excited to test out the V30 when it’s released. The V20 was a really great smartphone and we have high expectations for the V30 especially when its following up the G6, my favourite smartphone of 2017 so far.

[Main Image – File photo of the LG V20]

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